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Learn music theory with the Grokit Guitar App - Phone With App Screen

Learn music theory with the Grokit Guitar App

If you're passionate about music and eager to explore the world of music theory through Grokit Guitar, we invite you to sign up for beta testing.

Improve your understanding of music theory

Our App will help you understand and connect music theory to the guitar. This will transform your guitar playing and provide you with full freedom to create.

Learn music theory with the Grokit Guitar App - The screen of guitar theory learning app
Learn music theory with the Grokit Guitar App - The Screen of the App

How does the guitar theory app work?

For best results you'll learn musical theory in bite-sized, easy to understand guitar lessons divided into chapters.

Join the Grokit Guitar App Beta Test!

What will you learn during the beta test?

names of notes.webp

Names of the Notes

Learn the musical alphabet: the names of all the notes, including sharps and flats


Learn to find them all over the guitar fretboard.

basics of rhythm.webp

Basics of Rhythm


Learn how musical rhythm is built: beats and bars and how to count them, different durations and rhythmic patterns.


Learn the right hand technique that enables you to play steady rhythm.

major scale.webp

The Major Scale


The Major Scale is the cornerstone of Music Theory: all other scales are based on it, or learned in comparison to it.


Learn to build the major scale in any key, and learn to play it on the guitar.




Different distances between notes in music are called intervals.


Learn to name and to build intervals, as well as to use them to navigate the guitar fretboard and play cool riffs.

What else you can learn with the Grokit Guitar App
when it launches?

We have an extensive course that will help you gain knowledge and skills in all areas of guitar & music theory. All chapters will be available after the app launches.

Frame 302921 (1).webp

What is included in the full course?

The building blocks of music.png

The building blocks of music

Music is an infinite language written with only twelve letters! Let's get to know them.



Intervals are the way we measure change in pitch. It's a cornerstone of theory and the first step to building chords.

Triads (Closed).png


Chord inversions underpin voice leading, effective soloing and rhythm guitar parts. They are a critical tool for all guitar players.



Modes for musicians are like colors for painters. They can radically transform your musical mood.

X7 drop 3.png

 X7 drop 3

Drop three is a living bridge between baroque music and our time. These voicings will fuel your creativity with a gorgeous classic sound.

12 Major scales.png

The C major scale

The guitar is mastered by "Divide and conquer". Learn to play the C major scale in a comfortable  position.

12 Major scales.png

12 major scales

Music is so much more exciting with multiple keys.  We`ll help you to find them on the fretboard.

Seventh  chord arpeggios.png

Seventh  chord arpeggios

Arpeggios are beautiful . They're chords turned into melody.  Here we'll learn to use them to add excitement to our solos.

Improvising using numbers.png

Improvising using numbers

When soloing on challenging chord changes we want our melodies to relate exactly to the chords. Here we take the first step to mastering that.

Range exercises.png

Range exercises

Connecting Arpeggios is just like connecting scales over multiple keys. It makes us better improvisers. Learn how to practice.

The cycle of fifths.png

The cycle of fifths

The circle of fifths is an essential tool for understanding the 12 keys of the major scale.

Extending chords.png

Extending chords

Have you heard rich luscious jazz chords? Let's play them on guitar!

X7 drop 2.png

X7 drop 2

Seventh  chord inversions are a cornerstone of harmony. They fuel chord melodies comping and so much more.

Spread triads.png

Spread triads

Triads sound incredible when the voicing changes. Here we'll turn a familiar triadic sound on it's head to produce classical sounding progressions

Stealing licks.png

 Stealing licks

Applying licks and adapting them into songs is one of the quickest routes to playing meaningfully on chord changes. 

Frame 302921 (1).webp

And much more!

The hand hold telefon with music theory learning app

Sign up for our Beta Testing Program and try our new Guitar & Theory App for free

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