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Free Guitar Lessons

On this page, you will find free guitar and music theory lessons, allowing you to learn how to play independently. All material is based on 25 years of teaching experience at the highest level, presented in an understandable language. Here you will receive unique tips to help improve your guitar playing.


โ€‹It is also worth mentioning that these online guitar lessons from "Grokit Guitar" can be helpful not only for beginners but also for experienced musicians who decide to tighten up some gaps in their knowledge.

Free guitar lessons - Smartphones with the Youtube channel screen - Grokit Guitar

Music theory lessons

We believe music theory should never live outside of your music. Every concept needs to become something you can hear and play. Elementary music theory is of particular importance for people who see themselves as composers. After all, understanding the basics of music theory is a fundamental moment when creating a musical work.

Our music theory lessons will connect the core concepts and actual playing.

Jazz guitar lessons

Playing jazz chords on the guitar can be daunting, and it can be difficult for a beginner to know where to start. Our jazz guitar lessons will help you take your first steps in the world of guitar jazz and develop the skills you already have. We will study the technique of playing jazz rhythm, as well as the principles of improvisation and soloing, and consider the methods and approaches that are typical for the performance of jazz themes.

These videos have fundamental ideas every jazz guitarist should know, and a beginner can understand.