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Unchain your guitar playing

Feeling stuck? Trying to learn guitar at home can be frustrating. Experience the freedom and joy of  learning  guitar with our mix of music theory and practical exercises.

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Grokit Guitar App – your mentor in the world of guitar learning. 

Coming soon on the iPhone

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How to learn guitar with the Grokit App?


Learn musical concepts in bite-sized, easy to understand guitar lessons


Quiz your knowledge with interactive exercises

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Play with real time feedback from the guitar learning app

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Our structured, well thought-out curriculum will help you take your skills to the next level

About us


We’ve been teaching guitar players for over 25 years. 


In private, with colleagues, and workshops.


Our app is based on  25 years of professional guitar instruction at the highest levels. It's the best way to learn guitar at home. Just Like a guitar class nearby but on your iPhone. What could be closer?



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Sign up early and get a special offer for you

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